Pro Lure Grubtail

Pro Lure

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Length; 60mm
Pack: 10 per pack

The uptake of this lure by so many has been our strongest indication yet, that our design take, on what is a very common profile, has significantly enhanced Grubtail results on the water. Few would have believed that improvement on the Grubtail was even possible. Now, we believe we have created the perfect size body and tail shape. The Pro Lure Grubtail is incredibly effective in so many locations and so many applications. You can be sure, our Grubtail will catch you fish. The Pro Lure Grubtail is the most consistent and reliable soft plastic, and lure generally, in the Pro Lure team arsenal.

Fish the Pro Lure Grubtail around the classic estuarine structures. Hop and twitch across sand flats and weed beds. Slow roll through structure or drop down deep around bridge pylons, wharf pylons or holes. Look for bank edges and drop overs