Nomad Dartwing


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Length: 70mm
Weight: 3.9g
Type: Floating/Stickbait
Treble Hook: BKK

The Nomad Dartwing 70 can be used with either a fast retrieve with twitches of the rod tip, a slow 'walk the dog' style twitch or just a straight fast wind making this a very versatile lure. It can imitate a fleeing shrimp or a slender baitfish and is a super long-casting lure.
On a straight retrieve, the wings cause a side-to-side darting action and body roll that just gets fish excited. When worked slow and twitched across the surface in a 'walk the dog' style retrieve, the Nomad Dartwing 70 has been weighted to create a lifelike spitting action that resembles a prawn twitching across a shallow flat. Worked fast across shallow areas, the unique head design creates a side-to-side skittering action that is irresistible to species like Bream, Flathead and Whiting.
Fitted with the ultimate BKK Super Slide trebles for ultra sharpness and perfect hookups!